Anas Atassi – Sumak (Excerpt)


Anas Atassi – International MBA. IE Business School.


Sumak: Mijn recepten en verhalen uit Syrië (excerpt)  by Anas Atassi , 2019.

My recipes are the recipes of my mother, and her recipes are largely from my grandmother. They were sharpened by time and formed by the availability of ingredients and adapted to the tastes of family members and friends.

They contain the core of our family life in Syria, which did not differ much from the family life of most of the Syrians before the war.

In this book, I tell you the stories of my family’s dinner parties, breakfast tables and barbeque feasts. But those are not just my personal stories, they are the stories of an entire people. They are typical of a country that  going a  difficult period, a country that is preserved in the stories and hearts of this people.