Geoffroy Gérard – The quest


Geoffroy Gérard – Associate Director of Communications at IE – Ie University.


The quest Jacques Brel version of the song: The impossible dream by Mitch Leigh (music) and Joe Darion (lyrics) from Man of La Mancha, 1964.

To Dream the impossible dream
To Bear the heartbreak of loss
To Burn with greatest of fever
To Go on, where no person would go

To Love, till your very soul’s torn
To Love all, though your love be ignored
To try, with no army or armor
To reach the unreachable star!!

This is my Quest
To Follow that star
Regardless of chances
Regardless of time
or my soul’s dark despair;
and then always to fight,
without question or pause,
and risk all damnation
for one golden word from my Love!

I don’t know if this hero is I
but my heart will know peace
and this world, shall have clear skies of blue,
’cause this one wretched fool

burned on still, though the flickering flames
blazed too high, and consumed him complete
as he strove, though he be torn asunder
To reach the unreachable star