Jesús Arcenegui Méndez – Long live my doubt


Jesús Arcenegui Méndez – BBA-BIR Student. IE University.


Long live my doubt by Jesús Arcenegui Méndez, 2015.

Uncertainty circles round and round my head,
Determined to show true lies,
It comes along and throws everything up in the air.
It just salts and destroys the planting.

A bullet right in the neck,
A noose to stop breathing.
A downpour and a storm, a glass of pure poison,
A true love,
A cold imprisoning kiss.

Doubts that little by little kill,
Doubts that my heart stops,
Doubts that my mind silences.

Certainty that I doubt,
It’s certain that I’m going down,
Certain that I’m destroying myself.
But, do you know what? It’s worth it.
I fight for what’s mine and I’ll fight for what’s yours.
Convince me about what I already think
So as to be able to contradict you.
I skip questions, I skip chess moves.
And I skip the line.
All this, all, because I doubt.

My doubt is good,
A good black widow.
She’s a killer,
A good friend,
She guides me and protects me,
Even if the path isn’t good…