Natalia Loungou – Excerpt from Conversation avec Picasso


Natalia Loungou – Program Coordinator. IE Law School.


Excerpt from Conversation avec Picasso by Christian Zervos (1935).

My greatest passion, to which I have dedicated my life for as long as I can remember, is painting.

I spend my free time visiting museums, exhibitions and art galleries, but above all, painting.

It has allowed me to express my ideas and perceptions and develop my creativity.” 

I have chosen a quote by Picasso that I identify with: 

“A canvas is not thought out and established in advance: thought flows while it is being painted. 

Once finished, it changes even more, depending on the state of mind of the viewer.

A painting is a living being, it experiences the changes that daily life imposes on us.

This is logical, since a painting only lives thanks to those who look at it.”

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