Stephanie Robles – One (Wan)


Stephanie Robles – IE GMBA 2018. Director of Global Accounts WPP TV. IE Business School.


One (Wan) by Robin ‘Dobru’ Ravales (1935-1983).

One tree
so many leaves
one tree
One river
so many creeks
all are going to one sea
One head
so many thoughts
thoughts among which one must be good
One God
so many ways of worshipping
but one Father
One Surinam
so many hair types
so many skin colours
so many tongues
One people.

someni wiwiri
wan bon
Wan liba
someni kriki
ala e go na wan se
Wan ede
someni prakseri
prakseri pe wan bun mu de
Wan Gado
someni fasi fu anbegi
ma wan Papa
Wan Sranan
someni wiwiri
someni skin
someni tongo
Wan pipel.

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