Vanesa Allen Duque – Big Friendly Giant (excerpt)


Vanesa Allen Duque – Assistant in Dean´s Office. IE Business School.


Big Friendly Giant (excerpt) by Roald Dahl, (1982).

At the top of the ladde, Mr Tibbs, balancing like an acrobat, poured the BFG´s coffee and placed the enormous plate before him. On the plate there were eight eggs, twelve sausages, sixteen rashes of bacon and a heap of fried potatoes.

“What is this please, Your Majester?” the BFG asked, peering down at the Queen.

“He has never eaten anything except snozzcumbers before in his life”, Sophie explained. “They taste revolting”.

“They don’t seem to have stunted his growth”, The Queen said.

The BFG grabbed the garden spade and scooped up all the eggs, sausages, bacon and potatoes in one go and shovelled them into his enormous mouth.

“By goggles!” He cried. “This stuff is making snozzcumbers taste like swatchwallop!”

The Queen glanced up, frowning. Mr Tibbs looked down at his toes and his lips moved in silent prayer.

“That was only one titchy little bite,” the BFG said. “Is you having any more of this delunctious grubble in your cupboard, Majester?”