Giedre Pavalkyte – Sweetness of Waiting


Giedre Pavalkyte – IE Campus Life Manager.


Sweetness of Waiting by Giedre Pavalkyte, 2015.

There were pens, ink and paper,
Letters, secretly appearing in your bag,
Little sisters employed as messengers,
Painful sweetness of waiting.
There were emails,
Connection problems,
Caused by an unexpected rain,
Text messages, enormous cellphones,
Too big for your handbag,
A feeling of liberation,
A puzzle, the most pleasant of all,
Of fitting a feeling
Into a hundred and sixty characters.
Is there such thing as distance,
You ask yourself,
When everyone you know on earth
Lives one click away from you?
But a moment later
You still can‘t resist
Posting your loneliness on Facebook.
In the world of immediacy
There is no more sweetness
Of waiting.