Victoria Jing Xiang – Yi Jianmei ( 一剪梅 )


Victoria Jing Xiang – EMBA 2016 – 2017  Student. IE Business School.


Yi Jianmei (一剪梅) by Li Qingzhao, 1084 – 1155.


The fragrance of the red lotus has faded away.

Autumn chill seeped through my jade-like mat.

Gently I loosened my silk robe to board my magnolia boat alone.

Who would send me your messages through the clouds?

When the wild geese return,

My west balcony is flooded with moonlight.

The faded petals are scattered away,

The water is flowing smoothly.

Theres one kind of lovesickness,

Coming from two places with sadness.

No way could cure such a sickness,

Just falling down from my eyebrows,

into my heart with sorrows.

红藕香残玉簟秋。 轻解罗裳,独上兰舟。 云中谁寄锦书来? 雁字回时月满西楼。

花自飘零水自流。 一种相思两处闲愁。 此情无计可消除,才下眉头,却上心头。